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ConstructionLine is the UK’s leading procurement and chain management system. It’s a Government-run scheme; it collects, assesses and monitors all of your standard company information. Plus, it’s the biggest pre-qualification service in the UK.

It bridges the gap between “buyers” with “suppliers” who are looking for contractors or subcontractors. Once you’re *on the list*, you can tender for bigger and better projects.

That’s why we are particularly delighted to now hold this accreditation.

As gold members of Constructionline, Durrant Diving & Engineering Services Ltd are now part of the most sought after business generation database.

Essentially, as ConstructionLine gold members we can now fast track business through procurement so that we can land in front of all the right people.

Just a handful of the benefits include:

  • Access to a huge range of procurement contracts and projects
  • Proof that we meet industry standards
  • Risk reduction as we are kept up to date with legislation

Over 4000 buyers use ConstructionLine: this is a huge step into the future for Durrant Diving & Engineering Services Ltd

We are already reaping the benefits of Constructionline Gold membership.

All of the major companies have this qualification; and now we are one of them.

Already, we have been able to tender for and win some work for some pretty major players in the world of bridge, tunnel and harbour construction and repairs.

Until then, we are thrilled for what’s to come. This certification is a huge credit to everyone at Durrant Diving – without them, we would never have achieved this!

Congratulations to our entire workforce!

To find out more about Durrant Diving & Engineering Services Ltd,get in touch with a member of the team.