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Durrant Diving & Engineering Services are pleased to be able to offer Drone inspection services.  We offer both airborne drone inspection and water sonar services.  A fully qualified  and experienced drone flying service, making it possible to identify and view hard to access areas on land or water benefitting by;

  • REDUCED RISK – Inspector no longer has to be put into potentially dangerous situations
  • SAVINGS – temporary structures.  Savings as a result of not needing to build scaffolding or other temporary, one-use structures to support a manual inspections.
  • SAVINGS – Dive and boat hire. Savings as a result of not needing additional equipment or services
  • GREENER – More environmentally friendly option.  No fossil fules used to carry out inspections

We can undertake a vast variety of work based

Our services include:

Drone inspection services

  • Fully qualified and licensed Drone engineer

  • Video and images supplied

  • Drone Surveys and reports

  • Drone inspection services

  • R/C survey boat that will map the sea floor


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